White Supremacist Kills 22 in El Paso Parroting Trump’s Racist Rants

By Gloria Tatum

The mass murder of 22 people in El Paso, Texas and 9 in Dayton, Ohio have left the nation shaken and afraid that Trump’s racist hate speech will continue to embolden white supremacists to kill more immigrants, people of color and anyone considered an enemy of Trump.

Patrick Crusius, 21, posted a white nationalist, racist, anti-immigrant document before he opened fire on shoppers at a Walmart in El Paso killing 22 and injuring over two dozen.  

Crusius’ language in his racist, xenophobic manifesto was eerily similar to Trump’s racist rhetoric that dehumanizes migrants as an invasion of dirty, tough, drug dealing criminals and vermin.   

Trump’s base wants to “Make America White Again” and deport all the immigrants “back to where they came from” because they fear a loss of political power if the United States becomes more diverse.

The Ohio shooter, Conner Betts, 24, opened fire on a group of people in a popular nightlife district in Dayton killing nine including his sister, Megan Betts.   Authorities don’t know his motivation except that he was obsessed with violence and had a hit list of boys he wanted to kill and girls he wanted to rape.

Six of the nine people Betts killed were African American and 27 other people were injured. 

Both angry white men used a military-type weapon of war capable of shooting hundreds of rounds in minutes on innocent civilians

Vigils to honor the victims and protests to demand bans on weapons of war and to oppose white supremacy violence have sprung up across the nation.

In Atlanta, The Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition (GP&JC) held their weekly Wednesday vigil in solidarity with the people of El Paso, immigrants, refugees and all those impacted by racist violence.  

“White supremacy has been a theme in this country since the beginning but Trump has ratcheted it up to a dangerous place.  Things seem to be coming to a crisis point in this country…. it’s like a civil war,” Bob Goodman, with GP&JC said

People have watched on television Trump’s racist rants at his political rallies where he fans the flames of fear, hate, and racism.  He calls immigrants criminals, rapist, and animals that’s invading the country. He dehumanizes immigrants as his base cheers him on.  So it’s not surprising that Trump’s anti-immigrant hate speech has emboldened some to kill people of color and immigrants because that is the “dog whistle” he keeps shouting out.    

“Trump is a demagogue.  He calls migrants vermin and is exploiting racism and anti-immigrant fever to get re-elected,” Jimmy Rayner, International Action Center/Atlanta, said.

Trump hires undocumented immigrants to work in his properties from New York to Florida while he orders Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to raid, arrest and deport undocumented immigrants and demonizes them to his base.

“I think Trump will ramp up his hate speech to the point where Americans can not tolerate it and will demand change.  The majority of American people are good people and it’s getting to the breaking point and the response will be undeniable,” Kevin Moran, GP&JC said.

The violence has gotten so great in the US until Amnesty International has issued a travel warning to people “to exercise extreme caution when traveling to the US due to rampant gun violence.” 

People who are woke don’t expect Congress to do anything because so many politicians love the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) money more than they love American lives.   Nor will the Republican Party condemn Trump’s racist hate speech because they love political power, for their party, more than they love the country or democracy. 

Vote all the racists, misogynists, liars and corrupt Congress People out of power. 

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