Protest VP Pence in Buckhead

Written by Gloria Tatum

Video by Judy Conder

The Trump/Pence administration is a racist, fascist regime that must go” is the rallying cry from as they protest Vice President Mike Pence speaking to Republicans at the Hyatt Hotel in Buckhead.

RefuseFascism believes that waiting for the Trump/Pence regime to be voted out of office in 2020 is an insane gamble especially remembering what happened in 2016.   Only a mass movement by the American people to remove these treasonous, corrupt men from power will stop their march toward fascism. 

The Trump/Pence regime has compared migrants to rapists, criminals, and animals.  Trump’s hate speech takes away migrants’ humanity and makes it easier for others to violate their human rights.   Trump’s policies are terrorizing migrants by ripping children away from their families and putting them in concentration camps where they are abused, starved, made to sleep on concrete floors and not allowed to take showers.But this misogynistic, white supremacist, and patriarchal regime does not stop with people of color to abuse.  Republican abortion bans are trying to take reproductive rights away from women making them second class citizens with fewer rights than a fertilized egg.  If successful, more women will die from illegal abortions, and others will be imprisoned and separated from their living children. More children will be raised in institutions without a mother.

Trump has a long history of racism going back to 1973 with violations of the Fair Housing Act when he refused to rent to Black people.  His history also includes racist attacks on the Central Park Five, Obama’s birth certificate drama, and now attacks on Black Democrat Senators and Representatives.  His attacks on people of color will only increase and get more violent with time.

The Trump/Pence regime attacks LGBTQ rights and anyone who is not white, straight and part of Trump’s worshipping racist cult who want to make American white again and take the country back to 1930.

The regime is destroying the environment by allowing mining companies to drill in public lands and loosening regulations on toxic air pollution. They have pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and do not believe in climate change. The EPA’s criminal enforcement is at a 30-year low.

Preview YouTube video Drive Out the Trump/Pence RegimeDrive Out the Trump/Pence Regime

If the people don’t demand that the Trump/Pence Regime be removed from office for human rights violations and other treasonous acts, what is at stake here is our democracy and our humanity.

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