“Able” Mable Thomas the People’s Representative

Georgia State Representative "Able" Mable Thomas (D-Atlanta) grew up and lives in the English Avenue neighborhood of Vine City in southwest Atlanta which she has represented for 26 years serving in the Georgia House of Representatives starting in 1985 as the youngest Georgia Legislator.  She also served on the Atlanta City Council. Now, State Rep.Thomas … Continue reading “Able” Mable Thomas the People’s Representative

Trump’s War on the Post Office and Mail-In Voting

An avalanche of lawsuits may bury Trump and DeJoy’s effort to privatize the post office and suppress the vote in the November election.  Many former Trump associates are convicted felons and DeJoy may be the next followed by Steven Mnuichin.   The list of lawsuits filed by state attorney generals, postal workers, and voters concerned about … Continue reading Trump’s War on the Post Office and Mail-In Voting