Black Voices for Trump was a Public Relations Bamboozle

Atlanta, November 8, 2019…….

Trump chose Atlanta, the home of  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement, to kick off his “Black Voices for Trump” launch at the Georgia World Congress Center.  

Many Black and white people wonder why some Black people support Trump, a known racist.   But some Black people do, as evident by reports of from 400 to about one thousand who attended his event.  

But things are not always as they seem, as we learned from two young Black men from Atlanta who went inside and talked with the crowd before they were thrown out.  

They said that the room holds 1,700 hundred people and about 80 percent were Black.   

“We ask the people inside ‘Where are you from?’ and were told North Carolina, New York, Chicago, Montana, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, Arkansas, Texas, and other places.  They were bused in from across the United States for this event,” Christopher Mungin said.

The Secret Service pulled Mungin out of the line and questioned him and wanted to know if he was going to throw a shoe or anything like that.  He said no and was allowed to get back in line but at the last security point, ten officers came and said, “You have been uninvited.”  

“I thought that weird because this was for Black voters and I’m a Black voter and now I’m uninvited,” Mungin told Streets of Atlanta.

“I think they eliminated anyone who did not have the right look or fit their agenda,” Mungin said.

Mungin did not appear conservative with his hair high on this head and the top bright red and his 6’4″ frame towering above everyone else.

The “Black Voices for Trump” campaign is beginning to look like one of Trump’s scams to make people believe what is not true – that a lot of Black people support him when they don’t.  

Nationwide only 8 percent of Black people voted for Trump in 2016.  A recent poll by the Associated Press-Center for Public Affairs Research showed that only 4 percent of African Americans believe Trump’s policies have benefited Black people.

A Black Trump supporter tells the Streets of Atlanta, “I support Trump because of his policies. The policies he has passed are based on Christian values, to make sure our nation remains the nation it was founded upon.”

“Was it Christian values when Trump ripped babies and children away from their mothers at the Southern border and put them in cages?” I questioned.

“That was Obama’s policy and now he [Trump] wants that 5 billion so we can change that policy and take them [children] out of cages,” my name is Georgia’s First Black Governor from the Wake Bake and Coffee morning show, he said.

He refused to accept the fact that Trump ripped thousands of children away from their parents and put them in detention centers.  I felt like Alice who fell down the rabbit hole to a strange world where Trump’s lies are the truth, and facts are lies.

Speaking of lies, Trump has so far told 13,435 lies, false or misleading statements, according to Fact Checker’s database that analyzes and tracks every suspect statement he has uttered.

The Street Protest

With only a few day’s notice, several hundred people turned up to tell Trump that he is not welcome in Atlanta and to enthusiastically support the impeachment of Trump.  

They carried signs that read “The Devil Came Down to Georgia,”  “Trump, Lying, Racist, Corrupt, Gangster,” “45 is a Racist,” “Impeach Trump,” “Lock Him Up for High Crimes and Treason,” and “Stop the Hate.”

The protesters oppose Trump’s policies on everything from health care, immigration, gun control, civil rights, women’s rights, to the environment. 

Carl Dix, co-initiator, with Refuse Fascism called out a list of racist acts and other atrocities by Trump beginning with Trump’s attack on the Central Park Five, his birther conspiracy, calling Nazis and Klan in Charlottesville good people, kidnapping thousands of children from their parents and putting them in cages, telling congresswomen of color to go back to their country, attacking women’s reproductive rights, attacking LGBTQ rights, attacking and firing everyone who Trump believes are not loyal to him, denying climate change, and stripping away democratic and civil rights.  

“Look at the judges he is putting on the bench who think the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision was wrongfully decided.  They are saying that equal rights for Black people are not constitutional, according to them. Make American Great means Make American White Again and to put Black people, LGBTQ people, Immigrants, and women in their place.  That is why I say “Black Voice for Trump” is like “Jews for Hitler” back in the day of Nazi Germany.” Dix said.

“Trump is not doing this by himself, he has a Vice President and an attorney general and others and they are moving us toward fascism.  We can’t wait for others to stop this, we must take to the streets in a non-violent movement until the Trump/Pence regime is removed,” Dix warned.

“We have an unfit, fascist, misogynist, racist, treasonous president and we need to have him gone.  We don’t want him here in Georgia,” Paula Towry tells the Streets of Atlanta. Other protesters had similar things to say about Trump with additional adjectives like lawless, corrupt, immoral, and a Putin puppet.

Attorney Gerald Griggs ,with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), announced that we were going to take a little walk down the street to the World Congress Center.  

The crowd moves into the street and chant “Whose Streets, Our Streets, “Impeach Trump,” “Vote Him Out,” and “No KKK, No Fascist USA.”

“The people are told where they can and can’t go…when you have an individual who consistently breaks the law and consistently flaunts the U.S. Constitution.  The people have shown up today and we have a message for Mr. Trump,” Griggs said.  

The crowd chants the message, “Trump-Pence Out Now!”

Two Black Trump supporters came out to confront the demonstrators.  One was especially manic waving his red MAGA hat and yelling and screaming about how great Trump is.  There was almost a fight but cooler heads prevailed and the day ended peacefully. 

Video courtesy of Judy Conder’s Georgia Grassroots Video ( or click on the link below

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 by Gloria Tatum

3 thoughts on “Black Voices for Trump was a Public Relations Bamboozle

  1. Thx for video and article! There were other pics and good short video clips (see FB page at RefuseFascismATL), beginning with the brave disruption inside the GWCC, and of many different pockets of activists interacting, including with each other, and making plain why they showed up to repudiate Trump/Pence and their launch of Black Voices for Trump. Thx again, as there can’t be too many trusted videographers and reporters bringing the truth – LIVE – to those who were there and couldn’t see it all, and those millions still hanging back.


    1. Thanks for your feedback on the video. It’s difficult to capture an event like that with just one camera and impossible when the action is in multiple places. I’d like to build a video depository for people shooting cell phone video to upload their footage, so that I could compile, edit, and create a comprehensive piece (giving them credit for their contributions). I’m currently trying to figure out how to do that.
      –Judy Conder
      Georgia Grassroots Video


  2. “Blacks for Trump” is the moral and ethical equivalent of “Jews for Hitler.” And that’s not just Godwin’s law, either!


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